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Platán Vendégház - Csokonyavisonta
from 50 €/guest/night

Csokonyavisonta Sycamore Cottage is located in the center of the town's newest accommodation.... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
6 person (6 persons)
200 €
12 person (12 persons) 12 *
320 €

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Korona Apartmanház - Csokonyavisonta

In June 2006 our apartman house opened - with 5 rooms with double bed, 2 rooms with 4 betds and... More...

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Korona Panzió - Csokonyavisonta

The Spa area and swimming pool in the Crown inn, where I 3 pieces personal floors, 2 x 3 Seater and... More...

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Csokonyavisonta a special atmosphere Inner Somogy settlements. The scenery is almost the opposite... More...

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The Four Seasons Resort Csokonyavisonta thermal baths of the spa near the premises, from one to... More...

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Our guesthouse is an ideal place to have a rest in Csokonyvisonta. More...

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